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The Snow-Tree
When I was younger, my family had a very tall tree in the backyard right next to our house; the kind whose bark created deep, vertical grooves and the edges started to peel up in the fall. At the base, it was split into three very tall trunks, and the lowest branches seemed to be near the roof of the house. Not to mention, all of the lower branches were dead.
Every year after the snow melted in March, my brother and I would pick up the dead sticks and branches off the ground and make a pile on the other side of our yard. The grey pile never grew very big, but to a ten-year-old, any sort of yard work was boring enough to cause complaint.
I called it the snow-tree. Every warm summer breeze that passed through brought little tufts of white fluff into our yard. I didn’t realise that they came from the tree until I was six. I thought it was magic; warm snow. It got everywhere. I had to brush off the swing and slide before I went to play, and my dad constantly complained about the clog
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Always Grey
the walls are beige and the light is yellow.
outside, the sky is grey.
    always grey.
the paper is white and dirty with paint.
a cup sits holding grey water.
there are used socks on my floor.
the tissues from my garbage have spilled
    into the pile of hair in the corner.
the dirty green curtain is drawn.
the ceiling light doesn't work anymore.
my bed is covered with papers and dirty clothes.
my white rug has dirt and old hair covering it.
    it's actually a towel.
there is dust on every surface.
i can hear the air filter running in my bathroom.
im afraid to clean my shower drain.
hair and dead skin pile up and stay wet.
    it smells bad.
i want to shower, but I'm afraid.
i might wake up my neighbour.
my eyes are finally dry.
i drank the entire bottle of water.
    i hadn't had any today.
i have to pee but i don't want to move.
i don't know how long I've been sitting here.
i don't know how long ago you left.
i can't picture any tim
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It's been a long day,
and I thought that when
I sat for a nap, I would wake up
in Tomorrow.
But it's still Today.
You are still standing
in the shadowed corner of the public
where the sun bounces off your glasses,
and each sunspot forces
my eyes to turn again.
Even when I turn around,
the soft glimmer catches my eye.
Fading so slow,
as if I should give up,
your silhouette remains,
demanding to be seen
by those who know of its weight.
It's been a long game,
I've both won and lost
the best and the worst prize
all in three months time
at the end of a long eight years;
but your grip on my hands
won't let me drop the dice.
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Saving Myself [Saving Yourself]
I was born into a world of figures and numbers,
calculating every step and breath I took.
With a clear path paved for me,
I had everything planned out;
    every step
    every stone
    every stray bullet
The probability was shown incorrectly
how much time in one's life can be sub-par,
and I couldn't test how long I could hold my breath
until I was drowning in stray numbers;
    disproportionate scales,
    distant cries of war,
    drop of water from the ocean, through red-rusted pipes,
carelessly staining my pale skin.
    My almanac never called for rain this early in the year.
Unprepared, I stepped out into the misty mountain air,
    leaving a light on to guide my way back,
    leaving my umbrella safely tucked away.
The farther I traveled from Home, the darker the horizon grew,
the higher the peaks became.
The grey bullets pooled on the ground, snaking around my shoes,
    my ankl
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Grandmother by Dousedflames Grandmother :icondousedflames:Dousedflames 1 0


I want to be the father of your children.
I want to be the one who dispels our child's fear
of monsters, of God, and of myself.
I want to sit up beside you when they jump
on the foot of our bed when I've failed.
I want to lay beside you after I've turned
off every light, when we've won the battle
against the monsters, God, and myself.
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8 Things I Learned Before I Turned Sixteen
1. you are stronger than you think
and when you tell other people this,
do not be offended when they start talking about muscle mass.
they will not understand until they wake up
one day and are disappointed to find themselves
still breathing.
2. reading books about thin people
doesn’t make you thin
just like writing poems about happiness
doesn’t make you happy.
3. make new year’s resolutions. even if you know
they won’t last longer than the shower
you make them in, do it anyways because
you’ll love the idea of the person you were
washing off of you with the dirt.
4. you’re going to fall head over heels
over ankles over fingers in love with a boy.
this does not mean that you have any right
to keep him.
5. someone won’t always be there to tell you,
“hey, good job on getting out of bed today.
good job on going to school and doing your homework.
good job on surviving today.”
but good job anyways.
6. change your hair color. change your s
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i wrote a poem for you because
you make me believe in happily ever afters,
romantic suicides and the fact that one day
i might not break everything i touch.
i don’t know what i’m going to do in four years
because i can’t comprehend a life without you.
and i hate you for it.
you’re just so—
you adjust my skirt and give me a pair of jeans
and say, “don’t let society make you .”
you stay up late with me to watch the sun set
only to wake me up early to see it rise.
you guide me out of the way of
already-broken leaves and
piggy-back me straight into puddles and snowdrifts.
you steal pieces from every one of my jigsaw
puzzles and call it a metaphor.
you’re beautiful and amazing and
if anyone ever tries to tell you differently,
it’s because they’ve never seen you
laugh at two o’clock in the morning
or spend days trying to figure out how to knit
a scarf for your step-sister’s birthday.
they’ve never seen you ba
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I was scared to pick up a pen
I was scared to pick up a pen
For two years
I was scared to pick up a pen
Was sometimes constructive
But mostly criticism came from
A woman who was jaded
And chose to dislike me
So I was scared to pick up a pen
I didn’t think my words were good enough
I didn’t think my thoughts were good enough
I didn’t think any of it was good enough
I wanted my words to be beautiful
I wanted my words to be meaningful
I wanted them to have a Shape and a Size
I wanted them to leave a hole in the universe
Where I could follow, if I wanted
But I didn’t think my words were good enough
And I was scared to pen them
For fear of ridicule
Being told what I already thought
“These words are not good enough”
But I have always loved words
And I forgot that
When I was fifteen I penned these words
It is not blood that my heart pumps around my body,
It is the tiny letters b-l-o-o-d penned in red ink
That delivers oxygen to my vital organs
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Hello, I'm Laura, and I will be your tour guide this evening.

To the left, you see the Hall of Love. Don't touch the walls, for they have beads of sap leaking out. It does taste good though, but be warned; too much will cause slight to severe depression for an unknown amount of time. I don't know much about love, I'm in a firm believer.

To the right is the Visualization Hall, where many drawings, sketches, and photographs can be found. I often find myself questing what the artist's intended meaning is... Don't stare too long, you might accidentally make up something that wasn't there before.

If you go farther down the main hall, you will find the Virtual Reality testing room. It has rarely been tested. The most common experience noted is the ability to turn scents into place-memories, placing colors with feelings, and turning situations into metaphors.

Please, enjoy your visit. Ask any questions that surface in your mind, and don't forget to leave friendly criticism in each work's comment booklet. Your assistance and compliance is much appreciated, and you will be rewarded with these very peculiar, very rare 'Llama Badges.'

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